Monday, July 21, 2008

Do you people know who I am !?

Heard a wee story the other day ,.,. in fact it was my son who told it to me, and he's a lawyer ,, an honest man ,, so it MUST be true ?
It was about Kirk Douglas' other ,, not so well known son ,.., Don't remember his name but not Michael .,.,,. Anyway this guy is ( or maybe was ? ) a stand-up comedien ,..,
Apparently one night doing a gig he was being heckled badly ,,, let's just say his audience weren't being kind to the boy ! He was, in fact, as the old time grease paint comics might say ,, dying on his feet ! Akin to a new act at the old Glasgow Empire !
He seemingly got so exasperated that he grabbed the mike out of it's stand and walking right up to the edge of the stage he shouted at them ,,,
"Do you people know who I am ?" ,.., Silence at last ..
"I am KIRK DOUGLAS' son" he told them .... the silence grew almost tangible until at last one guy got to his feet and shouted back ,,,
NO, I'm KIRK DOUGLAS' son ,,,, great laughter ensued all round the house ,,
Another audience member jumped up at the opposite side of the house ,,,
NO, I'm KIRK DOUGLAS' son ,,, then another, and another ,, until within 2-minutes the whole hall was in uproar with hundreds of guys on their feet claiming to be the great man's son ,,,
The young would-be stand-up comic simply walked off and never returned !
True ?? Who knows ,, but funny ,,,, It sure tickled my fancy ! How about yours ?

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