Monday, July 14, 2008

Preparing to go !

You have to ask yourself ,,, Is it really worth it ??
It's been all hassle here and in my son & daughter-in-law's house for the past few days ,,, and all we're doing is driving down the road a couple of hundred miles for a short holiday break !
First it was the booking ,,,, then it was the site ,,, CenterParcs ,.., is it any good, what do other people think of it ?,, checking out the online comments and listening to friends .,,.
"Oh, the place is wonderful ( for kids ! ) but don't eat in ANY of the on site restauants ,, take good hiking shoes ! ,.,.,. don't hire their bikes ( very poor condition ,, ) ,,, everything COSTS an arm & a leg !! ",.,.,.
Then the girls decided to buy a week's meals in the Supermarket ,,, here ! ,.., before we left ?
Are there no supermarkets in England I muse ?? Why are we carrying all this food ? & drink, of course ?? I mean ,, we're even taking our own Scottish limes & lemons for the Gin ( That's English Gin btw !! )
"Remember to pack swimming trunks to go in the fun pool with Gordy ,,, get some cash" ( again ... it seems England has slipped into 3rd. world status ,, now they have no bloody Banks ! ) "Watch you don't get Scottish bank notes ,, they might refuse to take them ,,,
Aye right ! They'll take them or they'll get bugger all !"
"Did you pack a book to read ? ,,, a weatherproof jacket ?,,, your shaver ,,, ? the camera ,, phone charger ,,, & on & on ,,, " I'm knackered & we haven't moved out the street yet !
Christ it's a weeeek ,,, I can grow a bloody beard if it all goes pear shaped & I forget a shaver ..
Hahaha ,,, Derek & Amanda bought me a new tee shirt for my holiday ,,,
It's a Mr. GRUMPY !!
Oops ,,, time to shut up and go enjoy !!!!

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