Saturday, July 12, 2008

Women can be such Fusses !

She just got onto me again !
Telling me how bloody stupid I was !! ( Ha, as if I didn't know that already ....)
She brought some chocolate bars in from the fridge in the garage and confronted me with them ,,,
I used to eat the odd peanut choc bar ( Marathon ... before they became the truly awful Snicker ?) or a Mars during a round of golf ,, but more importantly I used to always keep a couple in my golf bag to ensure my old pal Jim Russell didn't suffer a hypo half way round the course ,,, Jim was diabetic & sometimes a lack of sugar would hit him like an errant golf ball .,,.
at these times he needed an urgent sugar fix ,,, and what better than a Marathon or Mars ?
Sadly Jim died ,,, over a year ago now.
So what was so wrong with me having a few chocy bars secreted away in the fridge you might wonder ,,?
Aye Ok, so I'm on a sometimes Atkins diet ,,, and I don't often take one out on the course with me anymore ,,
Although I did like the thought that they were there if I took a wee notion !
However she did have a point I suppose .,,.
The sell by date on them was passed ,,, a little on the wrong side of fresh ,,,
Eh, ok, I finally conceded ,, bin them then if you must my dear ,,,
But I really don't see what can go out of date on a bit of chocolate and some peanuts !!
Ok, so June 2004 wasn't exactly yesterday ,,, but ,,,

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