Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm surrounded by them these days !

NERDS that is ,,,The son is a complete gadget & gizmo freak .,., buys every damn kind of new modern electronic ( or is even that word now old hat ? ) PC gadget to play games with ,.,.,. he even has a gyroscope ball thing to strengthen his arms ! ... a nerd of the first order !

The daughter left one ,,,, but found another ! ,, and an even worse case to boot ! And what has he done for her ??? Apart from making her laugh again ,,, bringing her sublime happiness ,,, ?
Why he's actually turning her into one too :(

This one speaks so many foreign languages it's obscene ,,, and wait for this ,,, he keeps a note of his American Express card Pin number written down in his wallet, in Georgian !! ... but in case anyone finding it or stealing it reads Georgian, he's encrypted it into Japanese !!!! Hahaha
He believes it might be just a tad unlikely for the average Glesca pick-pocket to speak both Georgian and Japanese !!
I have to listen to this shite on a daily basis ,,, and I'm trying hard not to seem like an uncontrolable giggling idiot for he's also a splendid chef and does a pretty mean BBQ !!

But how is he turning my daughter into a nerd too you ask ??
Well she called me tosmorning, thrilled skinny, because he had bought her ( and paid money for it ! ) wait for it ..... her very own WEB SITE !!
Eh ??? Is it me ??

I think mibbie it's getting near the time when I need to shuffle off this mortal coil :)

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