Monday, July 28, 2008

A Disaster has occurred !

It seems, that at the ripe ( some might say over-ripe ) old age of eh, ahuh ,,, well let's just say old enough to be a 5-times grandpa .,,.,. Arghhhhhhhhh ,,, am I really ????
I have now, for the first time in my life ,,, EVER ,,, developed bloody Hay Fever, seemingly !!
How the hell has that come about I ask myself ??
My nose has been streaming all day today (again !) ; it did the same yestertime and all the while I was sneezing and feeling completely miserable ! ( I mean, even more miserable than normal ! )
I can barely keep my eyes open ,, they too are streaming constantly ,,
What is this dreadful ailment and more importantly what is the cure ?
I hear talk of an Anti Histamine but I didn't even know I had another auntie ...
If anyone can shed light on why I have suddenly become afflicted I'd appreciate their help ....
Answers on a Post Card please ,,,, and hopefully a fast one ,,, I need the CURE before tomorrow morning at 9.30am when I'm due to tee off !!
PS : Could it simply be the sun-tan cream ,.., It seems to melt in the heat and run into my eyes ,,? Maybe tomorrow I'll try sun block below the eyes only !!
HELP !!!!

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