Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Cluster What ?

We were playing golf today, Stevie & I ,,, a not altogether unusual Thursday thing for us retired gents!
At the notorious Eastwood 6th., a long and difficult par 5 he put his first ball from the elevated tee 45* left into deep, deep rough, bush & tree country.
To let you understand, this is not totally unusual for Steve !
His "provisional" ball ( that's 3 off the tee pal, for you've as much chance of finding and playing that 1st. ball as I have of having a hole in one at this hole, and I'm good but not that bloody good ! )
His provisional landed on the fairway ,,, but only just and still a LONG way to go .,.,
His now 4th. hit up the hill took him almost to my drive ! 
His 5th. to about the turn of the dog leg left. From there he hit a rather nice 6th. shot almost onto the green but unfortunately it didn't quite make it and ran off some 30-feet down the slope away to the right of the green. But he was on in 7 and with a masterly putt landed only some 4-feet short of the hole .,., Like the true gentleman golfer I am, I of course conceded his putt to save him the embarrasment of the dreaded 10.
I will say no more about this hole, save to say that I myself had a rather magnificent birdie 4.
The point of this tale we now reach !
On walking to the next tee Steve comes up with one more of his wonderful anecdotes on his golf game & indeed on his life in general.
That, he says was what I call  a Cluster Fuck !
A what ? says I .,.,
You know, he says, when you make one mistake and you then try to compensate for it by trying the impossible, which naturally leads to to a further mistake & so you end up have a cluster of them .,.,
What a truly brilliant expression says I ,, I MUST try getting that one out to the public at large .,.,
I know, I'll do a blog about it !
Och no need, says he ,, I taught all the kids in school that years ago while I was still teaching !!!!

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