Friday, August 27, 2010

This makes me weep just to think about it.

Some religious leaders tell us that Heaven is just outside the human psyche, our understanding is incapable, we cannot possibly visualise such a wonderful, beautiful place !
And ... If you think you've ever visualised Hell, then think again !

You're 4 miles underground ,, ( that's 21,120 ft ,,) you're trapped in a tiny air space about the size of a small one bedroom flat ,, there are 33 of you ,, most are simply fellow workers but a few are close friends too .,., you have little water and even less food ,,, you've been there 17-days already ,, most of your friends & relatives on the surface assume you're already dead ! ,,
Then CONTACT .,., Elation !
Oh Lord be praised ( or anyone else you might consider your saviour ? )

The men, estimated to have already lost up to 22lbs after surviving those 17 days with only a mouthful or two of tuna, a biscuit and half a glass of milk every 48 hours, have now been warned not to put on too much weight through lack of exercise.  Whit ?  in 30*+ sweating hot heat .,.,How like ?
A 26" diameter borehole will eventually be dug through to bring them back to the surface so they REALLY need to stay SLIM !!
BUT, and here's the rub ,, they have now ( some days after first contact ) been told that this hole will take some 3-4 MONTHS  to dig .,.,.,
The men apparently took this information calmly we are told ,,, but a spokesman said, and I quote !
"a period of depression, anguish and severe malaise could ensue." ,,,,  COULD ? Did that idiot say COULD ??? Jesus !! 
So now the Agony begins,,

OMG ,,, I can't even begin to think what state of mind these guys will be in by then ?
In an attempt to keep them fit and sane, they have now been given daily tasks such as digging latrines, ( there's a whole other problem in a confined space ! .. 33 guys for 120 days are going to produce a waste mountain down there & no A/C ! ) while they will also be delivered playing cards, dominoes, pens and paper and music to relieve the boredom. ( oh and food & drink of course ! not to mention anti depression medication )
The men, trapped in the San Jose gold and copper mine, have also been sent a video camera so they can record messages for their families above ground.

But think about it ,,, cooped up with virtually nothing to do for 4 months .,., it's the stuff of nightmares ,, your very worst nightmares !  I can't think about it without wanting to weep for them. 
You see, I've been deep down various coal mines both here in the Uk & in France .,., a 7 hour shift is bad enough ,, the thought of being stranded down there for a few weeks sends shivers of sheer panic down my spine.  For a few months, noooooooooo .,., I doubt I'd ever be sane again.
Nasa have been contacted for help, ,, they have stuff in place for dealing with astraunauts in space for long periods ,,  the Chilean navy has been called in to share their experiences of working in submarines, both conditions said to be similar to that of the miners.
Oh no it's not !

There are certain things that happen in life that tear at my soul ,, leave me completely naked and feeling utter wretched despair : fire is one, ( my blog readers will know why ) falling from a great height is another ,,( the Twin Towers was a nightmare with both ,,) seeing anything hurt my wife, my children ,,
But this, this goes to another plane altogether .,.,
God help them ,, I have no religion in me but I will hope & even pray for their survival both physical & mental.


Alistair said...

I abolutely agree. It's a terrible situation an we can only hope they come through ok.

On a brighter note they could think of the overtime when they finally clock out!

Phyl said...

Takes me half an hour to psych myself up to read each update in the press... unimaginable.
And yes, the jumpers were the most eerie part of 9/11. The silence as they fell forever before that thud you'll never forget.