Monday, August 02, 2010

How to find new & interesting blogs ?

I decided, having noticed that I now have a regular following of some 11 or 12 readers of my "blog " ramblings that maybe I should also become a follower .,., I do of course have 1 or 2 blogs that I read & enjoy regularly but I've only ever found them from them finding me !
Question therefore is ,, how do you find new, interesting and please ,, NON RELIGIOUS blogs to read ?
I started  trawling thro' "Next Blog" and having a look but EVERY one of the 1st. 20 blogs I checked this way came up with "I'm following God" or "Jesus is my main man" , "we are the Church's Missionaries type stuff " .,., Eh, Back track here a mo' .,., I've just done it again ,, make that the 1st. 100 blogs ,,, not a single blog that isn't being used to push religion down your throat !! Surely this is not right ?  There must be some non holy Willies in there somewhere ?? So why is every page I try dedicated to one church or another ?
Now this may not surprise some of you but religion is NOT my thing ,,,
As far as I'm concerned, and I've said this before ,, Religion ( in all its guises ) is the cause of ALL world conflicts ,, always has been & always will be .,., so what drives these people ?  ( eh, that's just a rhetorical question ,, I DON'T want answers thanks very much !! )
So, is there a method for finding "normal" folks to read, a way to bypass or filter out these people, or has the internet world of Blogging been quietly taken over by the lunatic fringe ?

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Alistair said...

I found much the same thing. While I'm glad folks can have their religion I dont want it to be the main reference point on everything. The next blog random thing is quite poor.

Usually I will check out someone if I see they have made a good comment on something I am reading or simply check out who is following blogs that I like to read too.

Failing that I go to my profile and click on any given subject and that brings up a list of blogs with the same interests. I look at anyone who looks interesting that has the same interests - but that search function can be a bit erratic too {prone to hook ups etc} so I don't use it much.

I often find that comments left on someones blog will get them checking out my site and several have joined as a result.

I must say I'm surprised sometimes that people follow the blog but never ever make any comment, which I find a bit odd.