Friday, August 06, 2010

Our Magnificent Seven !

Friday 6th. Aug 2010.
Red Letter Day number 7 !
My beloved D.I.L. ( that's daughter-in-law to any uninitiated ) is by now in the Queen Mum's maternity hospital, on the operating table and soon our newest grandson will be with us.
Everything is crossed awaiting the news that he has arrived, safe & sound and that mum is on the way to a quick recovery and home to PQ.
As you no doubt noticed, our next baby is a boy ... and has been since his first scan months & months ago !
A little brother for Gordy, the Black Pudding man of Clan Buchanan ,,,
I wonder what our new babe will be called ?  Will he be another wee Buckie Ginger ?? Another smart little cookie ? Who knows ,, but as long as he's healthy & happy who cares ?
I certainly know how he'll be dressed for his first year ,,, for hasn't his Granny been knitting like one posessed for nearly 9-months now ?  Will he suit his new Partick Thistle strip I wonder !! ( His dad will love it ! ) Will he really look like a Teddy in one of Granny's BEAR creations ?? ( His Mum will love it ! )
Oh c'mon, hurry up QM .,., I've been watching this 'phone for any sign of life since 7-30 am this morning !
Needless to say, we can hardy contain ourselves to see our latest grand we'an .... the Magnificent 7th. of the Clan.  WOW !!,,, that's SEVEN grandkids !!
Think I'll just go check that 'phone is working ok ,, again !
Updates will be posted later in the morning ?  afternoon ?? Arghhhhhhhhhhhh SOON ,,,
10-22 am  News Flash :
Master Alasdair Douglas Henderson Buchanan, 7lbs 8oz is born.
Mother & baby both well
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ......
Photos to follow in due course naturally !
                     First pic and note the jaunty (golfer ? ) way he wears his hat !


Alistair said...


Welcome Alastair Dougie

Ye didnae need tae name him efter me ye ken........

The Scudder said...

Thanks ... it was nothing !
But no he's not after you ,, he's the more Scottish Alasdair with a "d" .... Posh or what ?

Alistair said...

posh or dyslexic!!!!!