Friday, August 20, 2010

"The older I get, the better I think I used to be."

You can get almost any message on a car bumper sticker these days !
And what a brilliant wee statement that one is ?
It no doubt gives you some idea of my age however !
I confess ! .,., I moved into the league of super Pumpas recently  ,,,  the current count of grand-we'ans is a staggering but magnificent SEVEN !! and that needs you to be aged . ( or leads you to be aged maybe ? )
I retired from the "Rat Race" 10-years ago now ( too many rats ! ) ,,,
Then I became a fully paid up member of the Grumpy Old Men's club .,., and that wasn't yesterday either !
The eyes are a bit dimmer now .,., the hearing's getting a bit suspect too nowadays ..( Whit ? )
And now the memory's starting to go ! 
But of one thing I am still sure  .,., and that is,.,.,.,,.,
The older I get, the better I think I definitely used to be !
And who's gaunae dispute that ?


Alistair said...

Shhhh....quietly now. The nurse will be along soon. Maybe she'll bring you some nice medicine.

Shhh.....relax, relaaaaax




The Scudder said...

Cheeky young bugger !

Alistair said...

Jealous old wrinkly......

The Scudder said...

Ok I give in .,., you win
Hail to the Chief name caller !