Saturday, January 09, 2010

Another cracker from our brilliant Government ?

Spotted in a very small inside column in yesterday's newspaper.
The government is making plans to offload millions of doses of swine flu vaccine amid predictions that a "third wave" of the pandemic is unlikely to happen.
Well who'd have believed it ?
Offload it to whom I would ask ???
This was supposedly a WORLD Pandemic so was the UK the only country to buy this stuff ??
If not, then I repeat .,., to whom are they going to sell it ?
The Martians, or some "other worldly" race perhaps ??

Options (apparently) include selling surplus vaccine ??? or donating it to poorer countries !
Ahh, so we've wasted the British taxpayers money yet AGAIN ?
Cases of swine flu have now dropped dramatically to well below what is usually seen in winter flu outbreaks. ie, they were all WRONG ! AGAIN !!

And if there was a buyer in outer space then they've missed that boat too .,., since last week France announced it was selling millions of doses of their swine flu vaccine after finding they had more than enough to cope with any outbreak.

Oh but wait for it .,., here come the excuses .,.,
We have to keep a stockpile for ourselves because we don't know what's going to happen in 2010 .,., Hahahaha, like we KNEW what was going to happen at the start of every other year ??
So, by that reckoning we're also gonna have to stockpile anti-every-other unknown disease serum in case it happens in 2010 ?
If there was a resurgence we would look very foolish if we had disposed of a valuable stockpile. ( Hey, I've got news for you .,.,.,.,., )

Michael Summers, vice chair of the Patient's Association, said it would have been a "dereliction of duty" if the government had not ordered enough vaccine to cover everyone.
Oh, Let's make sure this one never gets into Government for God's sake .,.,!!
But he added, there were "lessons to be learnt" about negotiating contracts of this size.
Oh shit ,, he's already one of them !
Professor David Salisbury, head of immunisation :
The UK bought 60m doses of swine flu vaccine from GSK and 30m from Baxter.
An official figure for the cost of the vaccine to the UK has never been given but it is likely to run into hundreds of millions. ( that's 100's of MILLIONS of OUR money !)
And they accused the bankers of mismanaging our funds !!

In addition to selling or donating vaccine, another option under consideration is to keep supplies of the vaccine adjuvant, the booster chemical which is produced separately from the vaccine, to use in future pandemics. It has a shelf life of five years !
What future pandemic ?.,., when's the last time we had a pandemic ?.,., certainly more than 5-years ago .,., so what this actually translates into is simply this .,.,
By the time they come to dispose of it ( down the proverbial pan ) they'll think we'll all have forgotten, ( like they think we've forgotten their illegal expenses claims ) & of course they will no longer be in power and so will gleefully blame the next lot !!
Tee-hee-hee .,., what fun games these Politicos play !
Anybody got a spare wall we can line them up against ?


Alistair said...

Maybe they should innoculate the swine themselves if that's where it came from.

or - we could give every MP an injection of swine flu every time they say or do something stupid and charge it to them as a non claimable expense. That should get rid of it in about a fortnight.

thanks for the new year update. Not had a chance to get a reply together.


Phyl said...

THought you were gonna give up grumping this year dad?... oh I forgot, they shut the golf course, didn't they? So this is kinda cold-turkey grumping???

The Scudder said...

I am absolutely NOT being grumpy here .,., I'm telling it like it is , simply and quite unemotionally .,.,
It IS after all OUR money that's been wasted .,., yet again !
can you aford these kinds of stupid extravagances ? No, me neither !