Saturday, January 30, 2010

As if there's not enough stupidity in the world already !

Enter PC Plonker Plod !
Aka Shiny Buttons.
This is the bloody no-brain fool who booked a motorist for blowing his nose in his car !!
Forget all the nonsense of whether the car was in neutral, with the handbrake on .,.,
It's time we told the do-gooder-brigade, health & safety, Bureaucracy-gone-mad team (again) that anybody capable of driving can manage to do such simple chores whether the car is in gear or out .,., we understand how clutch & foot brake work ! ( and we can also light a ciggie, change a Cd, talk to our passengers, check a Sat Nav screen and lots more whilst driving safely, but I won't go into further detail lest any children be reading :-)
However here's a link for grown up people !! ( not Plod obviously ! )
This is the same clown incidentally who booked another of the public (who pay his damned wages) when the unsuspecting guy dropped a tenner on his way out of a shop !
He was deemed a Litter lout .,.,., ! Give me strength !
Who let this idiot on the Force ? And why is he not now on the dole ??
His mammy should put him over her knee and skelp his stupid arse.

And if this case should ever go to court I would love to see EVERY motorist in Britain sit in their car on the day and get out the hankies .,.,
Let's hear it for the dumbest cop in my lifetime .,.,
Big blow now !!


Alistair said...

great minds think alike 'n that.

Was gonny post on that very subject masel'.

spot on Senhor Scudder.


好煩唷 said...
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The Scudder said...
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The Scudder said...

Translation to above is:
Cool Blog .,.,Looking forward to update ???
Eh ???