Monday, January 04, 2010

Speaking as a Golfer !

Is this weather no’ hellish ?
I’ve completely forgotten now how to address a ball .,., Is it Mr, Mrs, Ms .,.,or Hey You Ba'??
And, the forecast is for MORE OF THIS white stuff for a further bloody fortnight !!
The lovely Judith just isn't doing the job Heather left her !
I can’t take it any more .,.,., I’m off to join the Tiddlywinks Society :-)
At least I can play that game in any kind of weather .,., I think ?
It's either that or "Heid-in-the-Oven" time has come ? mibbie ?
Or mibbie no !
C'mon weather people .,., let's get real .,.,
This is not keeping me fit, nor is it keeping my wee wifie sane !!
Ex Captain & current Secretary of .,.,., eh, nothing !!
PS : Have y'all seen the latest Golf Ad on Sky Sports ,,?
The orchestra conducted by our Ryder Cup Captain ?
Bet you didn't know Big Colin was such a fun guy ??
Dooougie the Scudder

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