Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So, I'm a Pumpa yet again !

The daughter finally gave birth to the new we'an on Mon 11th. at 9-10am
She weighed in at 9lbs-10oz .,.,note the Time : Weight ratio here !
And note also all you Maths nerds ,, she's a Binary Babe ! 11.01.10
I wonder if this now qualifies me for "Super-Pumpa" status ?
Dougie, Master of the Grand Order of Super Pumpas ??
This question follows a chat with my eldest grandson many years ago which went something like this :-
He explained to me one day while we were sitting alone … the 7- ages of man ! ….
He was about 4- years old at the time !
Pumpa ? ! ( well it was a question and an exclamation all at the same time ) he suddenly announced ,
You know what ?? ( a favourite expression of his )
First you're a baby, then you’re a tweenie , then next you become a biggie, then a schoolboy, then a papa ,,,, and then you’re a pumpa
But that’s only six things I told him solemnly ….
There’s supposed to be seven ages of man ???
What comes after a Pumpa ??
He turned to face me , put his hands on his wee hips in that very special way he does, and shrugged his shoulders in what can only be described as his “ French shrug ! “… and said ….
Poouff … that’s it !
Arghhhhhhhhhh .,., My next step is …… Poouff !!… you’re deid pumpa !
I tried to explain to him that I didn’t really like this “ ending “ since I was already a pumpa and therefore had little time left in his “Cycle of Life”

A few days later he came back to me with this amended version :-
Pumpa , D’you know what ?
No I said , …. What ?
Ist you’re a baby
2nd you’re a Tweenie
3rd you’re a biggie ……
( all of this of course being the various stages of Nursery life )
4th pumpa, you’re a schoolboy
and 5th you get to be a papa
6th You’re a Pumpa ( and all the while he laboriously counted them off on his little fingers.
I had no idea where we were going with his theory this time or whether he’d simply forgotten that he’d told me all this before .
then he finally reached his goal …. All his own thinking too apparently !
7th you get to be a super pumpa !! AND…..
8th Then you become a super, brilliant Pumpa !!!
Well I suppose that gives me a goal to aim for …. For patently I’m not there yet !
Ahhhhhh … That’s my Boy ! he just knew I hadn’t liked the previous ending at Pumpa !!
But 8-stages of man ???? Ah why the hell not ?
Maybe if I ever reach that exulted stage he’ll add another for me ?


Alistair said...

Hullo Scudder,

Congratulations to you all on the fantastic news. I'm sure everyone is relieved that Miss Jnr has finally made an appearance.

Lovely post - and I'm glad that you still have further increases in status to look forward to.

That'll be another one to book in for babysitting duties then - and everyone will know your chuffed no matter how much you might complain.

best wishes to you all.

Have you wet the weans heid yet?


Alan on the Sooside said...

Yes congratulations. I laughed out when reading your post. I could just picture it.

Satu Tujuan said...