Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Prevaricating Politicians .,., Aye, so what else is new ?

The scorn and anger against the Islamic group planning a protest march with coffins through Wootton Bassett, the village renowned for honouring troops killed in Afghanistan, has intensified with Gordon Brown saying he is “personally appalled” by the prospect.

David Cameron, the Conservative leader, has condemned the proposed march by these people as “completely unacceptable”,

Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, called for the group to be banned, accusing it of wanting to “whip up hatred”.
He added: “I have already called for members of this group to be prosecuted for some of their activities and the Government should now ban this group altogether.”

East Kilbride Labour MP Adam Ingram, a former armed forces minister, told The Herald: “It is an outrage that people should even consider besmirching the good name of our service personnel in such a way. “This march and demonstration have no place in our democracy.”

Wiltshire Police said the force was aware of the “significant community concern” caused by the proposed march and could “in exceptional circumstances” apply to have it banned

What's wrong with these idiot Politicians ? Do something about it then !!
It's bloody simple as far as I'm concerned .,.,.,
­Islam4UK, a branch of the extremist al Muhajiroun movement,who are planning to have 500 members parading with empty coffins, symbolising Muslim victims, – should be lifted by our Special Branch MI5/6 and DEPORTED, and without any need for costly trials either .,.,.,
It's high time these foreign extremists were told ,,
THIS IS OUR COUNTRY and we don't want you here.


Alistair said...

Ach - yer too saft.

But in many ways this is the kind of reaction they are looking for, and it would guarantee to enrage more disaffected wee muslim laddies and escalate recruitment and radicalising of vulnerable kids.

While I agree its action that's needed its got to be appropriate and support peoples rights to speak out as long as its not inciting race hatred or violence and protect the wider community from confrontation.

eg. No bloody parade but you can rent a hall and have an open meeting...... but probably not in that town. Just like I woulndn't let orangemen parade through catholic streets and villages and rub folks faces in bigotry.


The Scudder said...

You're far too understanding and level headed Al .,.,
Well seein' you're young !
Sorry but I know only too well what I'm saying is liable to enrage more of them ,, but I would still rather they'd all leave !
I don't want Mosques in every town in Scotland .,., This is not a Muslim country and hopefully won't be ( in my lifetime at any rate.,., but apart from my daughter sadly they will out breed us into power !)
Our MP's seem to have forgotten this "fundamental" point !!
I have no problem with immigrants who want to be part of my country but no time for those who want to "fundamentally" change it.
As for the Orangemen & Catholics at least they have every right to be here.

Alistair said...

I know 'Pumpa', it's a tough one for sure and I think that integration is the key facet to reducing the threat from any kind of fundamentalism {see prev point aboot orangemen}

In the integration problem they're no different to us - look how we behave when moving abroad, enclaves of 'little Britain' all over the place, clinging to our language, culture and values and any immigrant is the same, lacking confidence, communication skills -and any real kind of welcome and structured plan to help integrate them. They just have to get on with it in many ways.

Its a cycle we have to break to loosen the potential hold any fundamentalist culture or even just break down inhibition in taking full part in 'British society' that this has on them.

While I wouldn't want to stop anyone following their faith no matter what that is, I'm with the Swiss who recently had a public referendum which voted to forbid the building of any more Mosques in the country { modern mosques which blend into the local culture is a different argument perhaps tho'} I firmly believe that each country should not be changed to conform to the look of anyone elses 'mother land', externally at least, but what folks do behind their own doors is a different matter.

What we do need to do is control what the culture of our country looks and feels like - so I would also be in favour of outlawing the burka or forced arranged marriage, or the asian/indian habit of only selling a business to one of their own, at penalty of deportation. I expect them to abide by the laws of this country 100% just as I would expect to have to be regulated by the laws and culture of any country I chose to live in.

I think that its also important that education plays its part, and in that I would also have to include religous education, to make sure that everyone understands the strengths that each culture can contribute to OUR joint society.

I think our culture will change and nothing will stop that. Its been happening for ever anyway, but I hope that we can decide how we want it to change, how fast and to what degree, and that we end up with a better culture cos I think that a lot of immigrants have a lot to offer.

I for one would be much happier living next to a hard working, law abiding Muslim, Pole or Japanese than having a disfunctional junkie family for neighbours.

{dismounts fae high horse}

any word on the imminent birth???

regards to you and yours on this snowy mornin'


Alistair said...

I absolutely would defend the right of the Orange Lodge to exist and to hold its beliefs etc - it just shows them in many ways for the bogoted, narrow minded wee bodies that they are in many instances - but I would not allow them to parade in any areas whcih did not want them to have access and would control that - for any organisation - very strictly.

And neither would I allow the separate education of Protestant and Catholic weans......

curmudgeonly yoors.....


Alistair said...

sorry - and ref that comment about them not taking full part in and integrating in our society. I would not allow any immigrant to enter this country without ensuring this was their aim, clearly and specifically stated, and would measure them against that integration for the first 5 or 10 years etc to ensure that it happened or that they had support to achieve it.

While I would want them to preserve their family heritage and culture and be proud of it, I also want them to embrace and be proud of the culture they are adopting.

that's me definitely finished now

The Scudder said...

Ok Al, Integration might work ,,and I too would welcome that but mostly they don't want to & mostly neither do we ! They (and now I refer to the lunatic fundamental extremists )have a completely different agenda. They want to destroy & take over this country and have openly admitted this .,.,and what angers me is that our Politicians are letting them !! I for one will do all I can to stop this happening. The Swiss are starting to get it .,., but I'd go much further, I'm more in tune with the Australians. I agree with you re outlawing the burka or forced arranged marriage, or the asian/indian habit of only selling a business to one of their own, at penalty of deportation.
I also think education is important but I'm afraid Religious education for me would need to be minimal since I firmly believe that religion is and has always been the cause of almost all world conflicts ?
That's me finished now too .,., well for the moment :-)