Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Dress Circle ?

The beloved was commenting the other night that we have lost a few of our closer friends over the years .,., some through death, some through neglect but nevertheless our "inner circle" was definitely dwindling !
Time to perhaps add some new friends ? Not a bad idea I'm thinking, so watch out all you unsuspecting readers out there .,., we may well drag you into the "circle" and once in, there's no way out other than the above mentioned ( undesireable ) neglect or DEATH !!

She also nudged me again in the direction of "going out" of an evening !
Movies, theatres, pubs, restaurants, you know the kind of thing ? Again I agreed wholeheartedly. Let's do it ,, more often if not regularly ?
So, this very morning I opened up the Glasgow Theatres "guide," the Concert Hall "what's on," the movies currently doing the rounds .,., in short I'm on a mission !

Gees, I wonder how she's gonna react when I give her the list of up-coming "events here in the 2nd. city of the Empire !" Jes-us ,, this you simply won't believe .,., well I don't !

Offerings from The Pavillion over the next month or two include ; Dorothy Paul ( Once more .. again ! ,, that says it all Dot ! ) Ken ( f**king spare us ) Dodd ! , Sydney ( bloody) Devine ( is he no' deid yet ? ) Dean Park ( good but if you've seen him wance ! ) an evening with Larry ( who? ) Lamb ( Oh that scintillating deid actor from Eastenders ,, what the hell's he gonna do on stage for 2-hours ? ) The Hairy Bikers ?? ( ditto ,, mibbie cook the audience a meal ? ) ,,, then it gets worse ,, aye WORSE ,,, Showwaddywaddy, Jethro Tull, Christian ( now he's definitely deid surely ? ) Joe Longthorne ( he was dying years ago ! ) American Wrestling ( eh ? )
Then there's the sound ( nothing ) like groups ,, Abba, T-Rex, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash .,.,
Oh and wait for it ,, the absolute end ,, and deid for sure ,, The Magic of Scotland with ,,,
Yep,,, The Alexander Brothers .,., I repeat .,., JESUS !!
Why no' just shut down the theatres ?

The Concert Hall is nae better ,, Celtic connections ( hopeless for wan hauf o' Glesca onyway ? ) Transatlantic connections ( and they Yanks cannae even play fitba')
Oh or Chinese New Year celebrations ?.,.,
Maybe Anton & Erin takes your fancy ? Naw, mine neither !
But of course there's always the BBC Orchestra doing the well loved Schumann !! ( C'mon )

The Kings is possibly even worse ,,, Oodles o' Ballet or a host of "alternative" ( that means swearing a lot ) comedians ?

Oh tae hell ,, Let's do the cinema then I thought ;
Would you believe Alvin & the (bloody) Chipmunks, ( the Squeakquel !! ), Toy Story II ( in 3D ! ), Avatar or Astro Boy ?

Have I just been unlucky and picked the wrong season ??
Or ( oh shit nawwww ,,, ) is this what I've got to look forward to forever more in our places of entertainment ?? HELPPPPP !!! Stop the World ,,, A waant aff .


Alistair said...

And you can barely rent a DVD these days!!!!!!!

小小彬 said...
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