Monday, January 04, 2010

Rant time 2010 has begun !

I know we all live in the same world but how often do we stop and look at what's going on ?
The stupidity surrounding us is quite staggering at times ,, in fact most of the time !
I sight a few examples from today's newspapers .. but it could be ANY day's papers !

We're so surprised at having snow in winter in the UK that we're now about to run out of grit and salt .,., yep, and with at least another 10-days of freezing conditions and more white stuff falling .,., we can't find any grit !! Prepare to stay home !!

New security at our (Western ) airports means we will soon need to check in 3-hours ahead of flying !! Seems to me like the Terrorists have won the war ? No way will I be spending 6-hours in airports just to prove I'm not carrying a bomb in my boxers ! ( Yeah it's the same on the homeward journey ! )

Here's a goody .,., if you're ever caught speeding .,., always insist on seeing the Calibration Certificate for the camera used .,., chances are it's way out of date and you'll walk, with your driving licence still intact ! Thank you Dougie !!

More good news .,., the Recession ( that man made Banker ruse that's been used to rob us all .,., again ) will begin to end in the Spring ! We're to recover some later in the year .,.,
Oh goody, just in time for the next batch of lying, cheating, thieving, expenses driven MP's taking over as Government ! Tories this time round ?,,, Wow, what a difference that'll make :-(

Last item today ,,, Have you ever read through the COMPLETE list of New Year's Honours ?
I have ,, today ,, first time ever ! And last time ever !,,, But I do urge you .,., cast an eye over this lot .,., thousands of them .,., it's absolutely unbelievable .,., both the number and the reasons for their "honours." .,., You'll find them ALL in today's Glasgow Herald.
Here's just a wee selection ,,,

Bar to RVM : Anthony John Hardingham, RVM, Tractor Driver, Sandringham Estate.

Glen Andrew Beveridge, Executive Butler, Government House, Melbourne. Mrs Patricia Joyce Earl, Housekeeper, Sandringham House. Constable Kevin Gande, Metropolitan Police. For services to Royalty Protection. Mrs Andrea Elizabeth Hudson, Cook, Royal Lodge. Miss Beverley Jones, Assistant Dresser to The Queen. George David Main, Gamekeeper, Balmoral Estate. David James McIntosh, Security Office Team Leader, Palace of Holyroodhouse. Mrs Vivienne Oates, Linen Room assistant, Buckingham Palace. Richard Sands, Yeoman Warder, HM Tower of London.

It really is time to rid ourselves of these Royals .,., as far as I can see all they do is take the piss !

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Alistair said...

I see Edinburgh and Fife are out of salt/grit and Lothian about to follow suit. Maybe not though as they haven't gritted anything as far as I can see since 30thDec.