Friday, January 08, 2010

Come back Heather ,, all is forgiven !

Jesus it's cauld ! I don't remember a caulder day than this one and I've lived through quite a few ! Last night apparently, Scotland was as cold as the South Pole .,., I believe it !! Brrrrrrrrrrrr ..... I thought this was the Soo' Side, no' the Soo' Pole !
For the first time ever, well in the 37-years we'd lived in this house, we have a frozen pipe .,., :-(
Our small downstairs toilet, on the porch, ( that's inside of course ! ) is on the only outside wall not protected by cavity wall insulation and it feels a bit Baltic in there .,., the radiator in the wee'est room is just no' man enough to do the business obviously !!
Brrrrrr .... -23* C .,., When is it gonna end ? We Scots are no' made for these conditions .,.,
Nae chains for oor car tyres, nae furry boots, nae skis, nothin' ..,.,
and if you'll notice, it's all happened only since oor wee Heather ( the weather ) went away !!
Even the maddest of golfers can't play in this .,., and yeah, I'm one of the maddest so I know what I'm talking about !
Let's start a petition to get the BBC to "Bring Back Heather" .,.,
Judith, much as we lust after you, you've obviously simply not got Heather's weather gift ?


Alistair said...

Ah but she has the charm of the older woman........yum!

Anonymous said...

給你一個鼓勵 ..................................................

The Scudder said...

"For you an encouragement" ......
Apparently this is the translation of Boyd's Chinese outburst above !!