Monday, January 25, 2010

Gericrumbles to a man !

Down at the Golf Club, just for a wee change ! .,.,
I was complaining today about my sore hip, which is giving me gyp !
( Note that wee bit of poetry there on Burns Night ! )
I was told in no uncertain fashion to belt up since I was one of the lucky ones .,., I was one of the Seniors "younger" members and one who was still "intact" !!
I decided to take a snap poll. ( never expecting the result which follows ! )
We were gathered round a table with some 12 golfers in attendance.
Of that lot there were only four who had all their original bones !
The rest ( 8 of 12 ! ) had either a new hip, new knee, or some of each .,.,
The next table had two missing players of their usual 4-ball today ,,, one recovering from a replacement hip job, the other waiting to go in for his !!
Of the two at the table one had had a heart attack about a year ago and the other has had recent eye surgery !
The table on the other side had old Ken .,., suffering badly these days from arthritis .,., He is the guy who walks round the course most days with his dog in tow ,,, it sits tight to the ground when a ball is being struck, then races after his master's ball, circling it after each shot like the Red Indians would a stagecoach, but never ever touching it. ( well trained golfing pooch ! )
Old Ken is now very, very slow and believe it not so is the damned dog ,,, for it too is apparently suffering arthritis in it's old age !! This sight has to be seen to be believed but I swear it's the truth !
Others of our group, but missing today, include, a stroke, three heart attacks, two hips & a knee ( waiting for the 2nd. one ! ) another hip, a bad back and a transplanted kidney !
Oh and a Bagpipe player !! and two other guys wi' deaf aids !!
I don't think I'm in a healthy place right now ?
Geriatrics .,., I mean Gericrumbles tae a bloody man the lot o' them !


Alistair said...

I thought you might be an old fart but this and the poem just proves it beyond all doubt.......


小小彬 said...
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